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About laughing tortoise

Founded in 2013, Laughing Tortoise, LLC provides a legal "shell" for a slate of cross-platform entertainment and education properties written by J.G. Barber.

J.G. Barber is a Seattle-based writer, actor, and filmmaker with a track record of success in filmed-in-Washington projects. His presence, artistic vision, and subject matter expertise in transmedia storytelling and marketing set him apart from the crowd. Visit J.G.'s profile on IMDb

Breeding Grounds, one of J.G. Barber's storyworlds, was produced in 2015 as a short film and transmedia project by the Seattle Filmmakers' Collective. SFC's Breeding Grounds represents the collaborative efforts of over 40 artists. The project culminated in a DVD of the collective audiovisual works. In 2016, Breeding Grounds screened at NewFilmmakers NYC and was nominated for the audience award at the Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival. Visit FilmFreeway for the Electronic Press Kit.


Laughing Tortoise takes inspiration from an element of the ancient Mayan storyworld; their fateful interactions with visitors from Atlantis who rode across the ocean in tortoise shells to share wisdom and knowledge that helped to enable the Mayans build a spectacular advanced civilization.

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